Friday, February 25, 2022

Time Session or Event
7:30 AM Book Lovers and Texana Collectors Breakfast
7:30 AM SHQ Advisory Board Meeting
9:00 AM Publications Committee Meeting
9:00 AM Thomas Alter’s Toward a Cooperative Commonwealth: The Transplanted Roots of Farmer Labor Radicalism, 1848-1932
9:00 AM Pandemic History in Texas
9:00 AM White Supremacy and the Far Right in Texas
9:00 AM Tejanos All: Loyalists and Rebels During the First Texas War of Independence
10:30 AM To Heal and Sustain: Building Catholic Health Care Ministry in Texas, 1866-2017
10:30 AM Education Committee Meeting
10:30 AM Multicultural Public, Digital, and Oral History: Uncovering Our Hidden Histories
10:30 AM Moving Boundaries: Transnational Currents Across Eighteenth-Century Texas
10:30 AM Black Houston Music Biographies
10:30 AM Collecting Covid: Pandemic Stories from Archivists
10:30 AM TSHA Fellows Dual Sessions:
12:00 PM 2022 Texas State Historical Association Awards and Fellows Lunch
1:45 PM TSHA Business Meeting
2:00 PM Migration to Colonial-and Reconstruction-era Texas
2:00 PM Sports and Leisure in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Texas
2:00 PM Expelled: Bringing Deportation Back Into the 20th Century Story of Texas
2:00 PM The Week the Lights Went Out in Texas: Power, Infrastructure, and Crisis in Historical Context
2:00 PM Lawrence v. Texas: Still Emblematically Texas & Quintessentially American After Twenty Years?
2:30 PM Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society Annual Meeting and Chapter Reports
3:30 Cocktail Social
3:30 PM Archives Committee Meeting
6:00 PM President’s Cocktail Reception
6:00 PM President’s Dinner Honoring Dr. Patrick Cox