Annual Meeting Schedule

TSHA’s 125th Annual Meeting will take place online from February 17-March 6, 2021. The most updated version of the schedule is posted below. Online registration is now open, and more details will be shared soon. We hope you can join us online!

TSHA 2021 Annual Meeting Program and
Schedule of Events

Wednesday 2/17/21

  • All prerecorded sessions released for early viewing! Each prerecorded session will have a live Q&A with the presenters. Check the schedule for the corresponding date and time.      
  • TSHA’s Silent Auction begins.  Watch for the link to bid on over 100 lots of treasure!                                                        

Wednesday 3/3/21
Live Q&A Sessions and Events Begin!    

9:30am-3:30pm                 Consortium Meeting

9:30am-10:30am               Archives Committee Meeting

9:30am-10:30am               Development Committee Meeting

1:00pm-3:00pm                Board of Directors Meeting                                       

3:00pm-3:35pm                Revisiting the 1855 Callahan Expedition              
Chair:  Richard B. McCaslin, University of North Texas
Presenters: James D. Nichols, CUNY, Queensborough Community College, The Callahan Raid as AdHoc Diplomacy; Thomas O. McDonald, Independent Scholar, Protecting a Real Estate Development: The 1855 Callahan Expedition
Commentator: Ron Tyler, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, retired
Sponsored by: University of North Texas History Department

3:45pm-4:20pm                Texas Women and the Law
Chair: Kelly Houston Jones, Arkansas Tech University
Presenters: Jean Stuntz, West Texas A&M University, Women’s Rights are Human Rights: What the Spanish Knew and Texas Adopted; Robert Nicholas Nelson, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Women of Color and Family in the Nineteenth-Century Texas Courts; Leah LaGrone, Texas Christian University, “Not Content with Her Cotton Stockings”: The Fight over Minimum Wage, Legislation in Texas, 1919-1921

4:30pm-5:05pm                Examining Race, Gender, and War in Texas History over Two Centuries
Chair: Kirsten Gardner, University of Texas at San Antonio
Presenters: Linda English, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, “A Sanguinary War, Even Upon Women and Children”: Race, Gender, and the Runaway Scrape; Lila Rakoczy, Texas General Land Office, “No Man’s Land”: Gender, Race, and Class and the Stereotyping of African Americans in World War I; Valerie A. Martinez, Our Lady of the Lake University, “Hagalo Ahora- Hoy!”: The Recruitment of Mexican American Servicewomen during World War II

6:00pm-7:30pm                President Elect Address
Presenter:  Patrick Cox, Texas State Historical Association President-Elect

Thursday 3/4/21
Live Session Q&A’s and Events Continue

9:00am-9:35am                Union Army Commemoration and Life in a Tarrant County Freedmen’s Community
Chair: Carl Moneyhon, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Presenters: LeAnna Schooley, Texas Christian University, Union Soldiers in Fort Worth; Albert Broussard, Texas A&M University, African American Monuments in Texas; Drew Sanders, Independent Scholar, The Garden of Eden: The Story of a Freedmen’s Community in Texas

9:00am-9:35am                 The AIDS Crisis in Texas
Chair: Rachel Louise Moran, University of North Texas
Presenters: John D. Goins, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, When AIDS First Hit Houston: The Gay and Lesbian Community Response, 1982-1990; Timothy E. Vale, University of Houston, Battlegrounds and Battle Lines: The War on HIV from the 1990s to the Present
Commentator: Rachel Louise Moran, University of North Texas

9:45am-10:20am               “Moving Beyond the Home”: Postwar Feminism in Texas
Chair:Clark Pomerleau, University of North Texas
Presenters: Kendra K. DeHart, Sul Ross State University, “No Pink Tea Side to Women’s Clubs”: The Opportunities and Limits of Post-World War II Feminism in San Angelo, Texas; Meredith L. May, Kilgore College, “The Fun and Prestige of Paying My Own Way”: Feminism and Entrepreneurship in Postwar Houston
Commentator: Nancy E. Baker, Sam Houston State University

10:30am-11:05am            Joint Session: Texas Catholic Historical Society:   American and Mexican Catholics Partner to Fight Anti-Catholic Persecution in Mexico
Chair: Claudia Wilson Anderson, ret. Archivist
Presenters: Madeleine Olson, University of Texas at Austin, In Defense of Whose Faith? Sectarian Violence in Mexico City, 1945-1955; Matthew J. Butler, University of Texas at Austin, Montezuma’s Children: Seminary Exiles and the Transformation of Catholicism in Mexico, 1937-1965; Richard Fossey, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, During a Time of Anti-Catholic Persecution, American and Mexican Catholics Partner to Establish a Seminary in Castroville, Texas
Sponsored by: Claudia Anderson and the Texas Catholic Historical Society

10:30am-11:05am            Joint Session with the Texas Oral History Association:   The Only Way to Learn Is By Doing: Reflections on Oral History Pedagogy and Project Implementation
Chair: Todd Moye, University of North Texas
Presenters: Joshua Lopez, University of North Texas, Reading the Politicized Research Setting: A Student Reflection; Annette Becker, University of North Texas, Blowout: A Community’s Engagement with Fracking: A Case Study in Oral History Subjectivity
Commentator: Todd Moye, University of North Texas

11:15am-11:50am            Building and Defending Communities: The Roles of Print Culture and the Courts in Queer Texan and Mexican American Expressions of Human Agency
Chair: Gabriela González, University of Texas at San Antonio
Presenters: Michael Rangel, Texas A&M University, Reading it for the Articles: Gay Erotica in Constructing a Queer Texan Culture; Ramiro Contreras, University of Houston, Mexicans in Houston’s Courtrooms, 1908-1926; John A. Carranza, University of Texas at Austin, Gay & Lesbian Hispanics Unidos, Print Culture, and Community Building in Texas during the 1980s

11:15am–11:50am           Water, Water, Everywhere: Dreams and Destruction in Urban Texas
Chair: Andrew Baker, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Presenters: Wallace “Scot” McFarlane, Columbia University, Recreation and Subsistence on the Trinity River: A Common Purpose; Char Miller, Pomona College, The Perilous Life of a River City: The San Antonio Flood of 1921; Todd Kerstetter, Texas Christian University, Dreaming of Water in an Arid Land: Building Waterscapes in Progressive Era Fort Worth

12:00pm-1:30pm              Women in Texas History Luncheon         
Presentation of the Ellen Temple Research Fellowship and the Liz Carpenter Award
Documentary Presentation: Citizens at Last: Texas Women and the Fight for Justice          
Speakers: Ellen C. Temple, Producer, and Nancy Schiesari, Director and Producer
Sponsored by Ellen C. Temple and Texas Woman’s University

2:00pm-2:35pm                German Politics in Antebellum Texas
Chair: Walter Kamphoefner, Texas A&M University
Presenters: James Crisp, North Carolina State University, Herman Ehrenberg’s Politics; Steve Collins, University of North Texas, Different Drummers: German Voting in Texas Prior to Secession
Commentator: Walter Kamphoefner, Texas A&M University
Sponsored by: University of North Texas History Department

2:00pm-2:35pm                Joint Session with the Texas Folklore Society:   A Sampler of Texas Folklore
Chair: Mary Margaret Campbell, George West Storyfest
Presenters: Norma Cantú, Trinity University, Fiestas on the Border: Matachines and George Washington’s Birthday in Laredo, Texas; Meredith Abarca, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso Food Voices; Preserving Folklore through Food Stories; Steven L. Davis, The Wittliff Collection at Texas State University, The Essential J. Frank Dobie

2:45pm-3:20pm                Tracking the Texas Rangers: Historians at Work
Chair: Roger Tuller, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Presenters: Matthew Babcock, University of North Texas at Dallas, Stephen L. Moore: Factual Purveyor; William Clay Yancey, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Biographical Schools: From Popular to Scholarly
Commentator: Roger Tuller, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Sponsored by: Texas Historical Records Advisory

2:45pm-3:20pm Joint Session with the Society of Southwest Archivists:   Women Veterans Oral History Projects: Dialogue Among Archivists and Historians
Chair: Col. Lisa Carrington Firmin, USAF Retired, Military Liaison, University of Texas at San Antonio
Presenters: Kirsten Gardner, University of Texas at San Antonio; Julianna Barrera-Gomez, University of Texas at San Antonio; Laura Narvaez, Graduate Student, University of Texas at San Antonio; Bailey Gosline, Graduate Student, University of Texas at San Antonio
Commentator: Amy Rushing, University of Texas at San Antonio
Sponsored by: The Society of Southwest Archivists

3:30pm-4:05pm                Black Voices in Literature: African-American Writers in Texas and the United States
Chair: Bernadette Pruitt, Sam Houston State University
Presenters: Karen Kossie-Chernyshev, Texas Southern University, Lillian Jones Horace (1880-1965) and Zora Neale Hurston (1890-1960): Fraternal Twin Towers of Southern African American Literature and Culture; John Gruesser, Sam Houston State University, Racial, Political, Denominational, and Verbal Battles: The 1906 Brownsville Incident, the National Baptist Convention, and Sutton E. Griggs’s Pulled from Shelter
Commentator: Michon Bensen, Texas Southern University

4:15pm-4:50pm                “Would a Matchbox Hold My Clothes?”: When “Marginal” Genres Take Center Stage in Texas Music
Chair: Jason Mellard, Director, Center for Texas Music History, Texas State University
Presenters: Jaclyn Tirres, Texas State University, Robert Thomas Ashford: The Life and Contributions of an Unheralded Texas Blues Figure; Tara Lopez, Northern New Mexico College, Sound, Power, and History in Chuco: 1990s El Paso Free-style Rap and Punk Rock; Jake Dromgoole, Texas State University, The Heavy Metal Capital of the World: Radio, Promotion, and Heavy Metal in the Alamo City
Sponsored by: The Center for Texas Music History

 4:15pm-4:50pm               Borders, Smuggling, and Revolution in the Texas-Louisiana Frontier
Chair: Jesús F. de la Teja, Texas State University, Professor Emeritus
Presenters: Francis X. Galán, Texas A&M University-San Antonio, Los Adaes, Smuggling, and the Hidden Colonial Roots of the US-Mexico Border; James Bernsen, Independent Scholar, Smuggling and the Dawn of the Filibuster Era in Texas
Commentator: F. Todd Smith, University of North Texas
Sponsored by: Texas A&M University at San Antonio – History Department

5:00pm-6:00pm                Graduate Student Mixer
Chair: Carlos K. Blanton, Texas A&M University
Speakers:  Angela Houston, Texas A&M University; Walter Kamphoefner, Texas A&M University
Sponsor: Texas A&M University History Department

6:00pm-7:30pm                Fellowship and Awards Announcement               

Friday 3/5/21
Live Session Q&A’s and Events Continue

7:30am-8:45am                 SHQ Advisory Board Meeting

9:00am-10:00am               Publications Committee Meeting

*TIME CHANGE* 10:00am-10:45am       Texas Book Lovers Coffee
Speaker: Nancy Baker Jones, Book Review Editor, The Southwestern Historical Quarterly’s Book Review Process: Mysteries Revealed

11:00am-11:35am            Contemporary History and Psychology in Texas: Understanding Mental Illness Within the Black Community, 1970-2020
Chair: Richard Henriksen, Sam Houston State University
Presenter: Craig Henderson, Sam Houston State University, A Historical Perspective on Adolescent Substance Use and its Interface with the Juvenile Justice System; Temilola Salami, Sam Houston State University, The Historical Context of Race-Related Stress; Courtney Banks, Sam Houston State University, The School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Historical Consequence of Brown vs. Board of Education; Jasmine Phillips, Sam Houston State University, The Psychological Legacy of Historical Trauma Among Black/African Americans

11:00am-11:35am            “Politics of the People”: A Student Created Digital Exhibit of the María Antonietta Berriozábal Manuscript Collection at Our Lady of the Lake University
Chair: María Antonietta Berriozábal, Former San Antonio Council Member & Community Activist
Presenters: Amber Kirwan, Our Lady of the Lake University; Lisa Guerrero, Our Lady of the Lake University; Kent Tucker, Our Lady of the Lake University

Commentator: Valerie A. Martinez, Our Lady of the Lake University

11:45am-1:30pm              Business Meeting                           

1:30pm-2:05pm                Policing Bodies: Gender, Sexuality, Public Policy, and Power in Urban Texas
Chair: Jessica Webb, Texas Christian University
Presenters: Gene Alviar, Southern Methodist University, Recovering Queer History in Texas: Female Impersonators, Public Opinion, and Policy Response in the Early Twentieth Century; Jessica Ceeko, Southern Methodist University, Take it ‘Across the Creek’: Social Respectability and Space in San Antonio’s Red-Light District

1:30pm-2:05pm               The Adelsverein: Fresh Perspectives on the Society for the Protection of

German Emigrants in Texas

Chair: Linda Krauskopf Langerhans, former mayor of Fredericksburg, Texas
Presenters: Janine Briley, Arhelger Family, Germans Become German-Texans: Arhelger, a First Family of Fredericksburg; James C. Kearney, University of Texas at Austin, Archives and Records, The Adelsverein after 1847 in Texas and in Germany; Kevin Klaus, Texas General Land Office, The Land of Promise: German Immigration to Texas, 1842-1846
Sponsored by: James C. Kearney

2:15pm-2:50pm                Roundtable: Stephen Harrigan’s Big Wonderful Thing
Chair: Tim Bowman, West Texas A&M University
Panelists: Carlos K. Blanton, Texas A&M University; Angela Boswell, Henderson State University; Jesús F. de la Teja, Texas State University, Professor Emeritus
Commentator: Stephen Harrigan, author

2:15pm-2:50pm                History through Foodways in the Texas Gulf Coast
Chair: Monica Perales, University of Houston
Presenters: Marvin Bendele, University of Texas at Austin, Wholesale Grocery Distribution in Post-Reconstruction Texas; David Leftwich, Center for Public History-University of Houston, Gail Borden, Condensed Milk, and the Peopling of Houston; Maria Angelina Diaz, Yale University, The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation: Cultural Geographies of Tex-Mex in Houston’s East End

3:00pm-3:35pm                The New Negro during the World War I Era in Texas
Chair: Ron Goodwin, Prairie View A&M University
Presenters: Kristin Henze, Sam Houston State University, World War I and the New Negro in Texas; Will Guzmán, Prairie View A&M University, Dr. Maceo C. Dailey’s Emmett J. Scott, World War I, and the New Negro; W. Marvin Dulaney, Dallas African American Museum, The New Negro in Dallas; Michael Hurd, Prairie View A&M University, Camp Logan and World War I: Houston’s $2 Million Deal for Trouble
Sponsored By: The African American Museum

3:45pm-4:20pm                New Perspectives in Texas Latinx Politics
Chair: Jerry Gonzalez, University of Texas at San Antonio
Presenters: Alberto Wilson III, University of Houston, The Chamizal Relocation: The US-Mexico Boundary, Inter-American Affairs, and El Paso’s “Little People”; Allison Saenz, University of Houston, “What Are They Saying about Immigration?”: Central Americans in Houston, 1975-Present

3:45pm-4:20pm                Queer Urban Spaces and the Law in Modern Texas
Chair: J. Eric Coleman, University of North Texas at Dallas
Presenters: Christopher Haight, Houston Community College, Bias on the Bench: Judge Jack Hampton and the Gay Struggle Against State-Sanctioned Homophobia; Karen Wisely, Tarrant County College, Demanding Justice: The Dallas LGBT Community Responds to Judge Hampton; Brian S. Riedel, Rice University, Cruising Grounds: Mapping Queer Territory in Houston, 1960-1980

4:30pm-5:30pm                Membership Committee Meeting

6:00pm                              Silent Auction Ends                        

6:30pm-8:00pm                President’s Dinner
Presenter: Mary Margaret McAllen, Texas State Historical Association President, 2020-2021

Saturday 3/6/21                                                 

10:30am-11:05am            Historical Scholarship From the Field with the Webb Society
Chair: Lisa Berg, Texas State Historical Association
Presenting Students: Gem Elmore, Northeast Texas Community College, Integration of Northeast Texas Churches; Jay Matthews, Texas A&M University-San Antonio, Chaos and Freedom at the Texas-Mexico Border; Presenting Professor: Abby Grubb, San Jacinto College, Honorary Texans: Japanese Americans in the Lone Star State During World War II

11:00am-11:35am            The Story Must Go On: Desegregation and COVID-19’s Impact on the Future of Oral History
Chair: Mylynka Cardona, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Presenters: Heather Rodriguez, Texas A&M University-Commerce; M. Grace Slayter, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Colleen Allen, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Robert Felder, Texas A&M University-Commerce

11:00am-11:35am            Working-Class Migration and Action in Texas, 1855-1910
Chair: Deborah Liles, Tarleton State University
Presenters: Amber Jolly, Collin College-Spring Creek, Gone to Texas: Immigration, Migration, and Assimilation in Turn-of-the-Century Thurber, Texas; Justin Jolly, Texas Christian University, Trouble on the Line: Fort Worth and the Great Railroad Strike of 1877; Staci Swiney, University of Texas at Arlington, Red Texas: Utopian Socialism and Franco-American Migration Networks                                  

12:00pm-12:45pm            SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Account-Ability in Court: From Slavery to Scandal
Chair: Cynthia Timms, President, Texas Supreme Court Historical Society
Presenters: Daina Ramey Berry, University of Texas at Austin, The Value of the Enslaved, from Womb to Grave, in the Building of a Nation; Stephen Pate, Texas Supreme Court Historical Society, Scandal in a 1928 Texas Election: Contest, Congress, and the Courts
Commentator: David Keltne

12:50pm-1:35pm             SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Q&A session for Citizens At Last: Texas Women and the Fight for Justice (documentary) and Presentation of the Ellen Temple Research Fellowship and the Liz Carpenter Award
Chair: Jessica Brannon-Wranosky, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Presenters: Ellen C. Temple, Producer, and Nancy Schiesari, Producer and Director, Nancy Baker Jones, Book Review Editor,
Sponsored by: Texas A&M Commerce History Department

1:45pm-2:20pm                Handbook of Texas Workshop – All Special Projects
Chair: Brett J. Derbes, Texas State Historical Association
Presenters: Jessica Brannon-Wranosky, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Handbook of Texas Women; Mike Hazel, Independent Scholar, Handbook of Dallas-Fort Worth; Heather Wooten, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Handbook of Texas Medicine; Laurie Jasinski, Texas State Historical Association; Katherine Kuehler Walters, Texas State Historical Association; Ted Banks, Texas State Historical Association; Russell Stites, Texas State Historical Association

1:45pm-2:20pm                Black Women Historians in the Texas Academy: The Launch
Chair: Karen Kossie-Chernyshev, Texas Southern University
Presenters: Yvonne Davis Frear, San Jacinto College, Fighting the Good Fight: The Emancipation Experience of a “Beautiful African-American Mind; LaGuana Gray, University of Texas at San Antonio, Close to My Chest; Bernadette Pruitt, Sam Houston State University, The Double Consciousness of a Beautiful Soul; Antrece Baggett, Houston Community College, Four Generations Keeping the Faith!; Mickie Mwanzia Koster, University of Texas at Tyler, Climbing the Ladder: Journey Up, Despite Race, Class, and Gender

2:30pm-3:05pm                Senator Ralph W. Yarborough: Opinions and Stories from His Oral Histories
Chair: Dan K. Utley, Texas State University
Panelists: Patrick Cox, Patrick Cox Consultants, LLC, and 1st Vice President of TSHA; Michael L. Collins, Midwestern State University; Monte Monroe, Texas State Historian & Southwest Collection, Texas Tech University
Sponsored by: Light T. Cummins

3:15pm-3:50pm                Racial Violence in Texas               
Chair: William D. Carrigan, Rowan University      
Presenter: Micah Crittenden, University of North Texas, The Disappeared: Racial Violence in Denton County during the Rise of the Second Ku Klux Klan; Jeffrey L. Littlejohn, Sam Houston State University, Lynching in Texas: Documenting and Digitizing the History of Racial Violence in the Lone Star State
Sponsored by: Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC)

3:15pm-3:50pm                Joint Session with the Texas Oral History Association:   Highlighting Hidden History: The Waco History App
Chair: Stephen Sloan, Institute of Oral History, Baylor University
Presenters: Skylar Ray, Baylor University; Regina Wenger, Baylor University

5:00pm-7:00pm                VIP Registration Wine Tasting Event
Presenter: Richard Becker, The History of Wine in Texas, Becker Vineyards.
A custom wine package has been chosen by Dr. Becker, and is available for purchase before the event at

The wine package includes:
The Becker Vineyards Chardonnay Reserve – Canada Family Vineyard 2017
Awards:  Silver at San Francisco International Wine Competition 2020; Silver and Texas Class Champion at Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Wine Competition 2020.

The Becker Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve – Wilmeth Family Vineyard 2017
Awards:  Double Gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition 2019; Gold at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2019.

The Becker Vineyards Dolcetto Reserve 2018
Awards:  Gold at San Francisco International Wine Competition 2020; Silver and Texas Champion at Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Wine Competition 2021.