“From Out of the Shadows’ Silver Anniversary: Celebrating Vicki Ruiz’s Leadership and Legacy”

When 10:30 AM Saturday, March 4, 2023

Session Chair Lina-Maria Murillo, University of Iowa

Presentations by Monica Perales, "'All in the Family': Honoring Vicki Ruiz Through Community Scholarship and Mentorship," University of Houston; Miroslava Chávez-Garcia, "Back to the Future: The Legacy of Vicki Ruiz in the Academy and Beyond," University of California, Santa Barbara; Larisa Veloz, "From Across the Border: The Recovery of Female Mexican Immigrant Narratives," University of Texas at El Paso; Lina-Maria Murillo, "On Mentorship and Mothering: Celebrating Vicki Ruiz's Research and Legacy," University of Iowa; Maria Cotera, "Academic Carework and the Legacy of Chicana Feminist Studies," University of Texas at Austin