What’s the Point of Stories: Autio and TSHA

How do we maintain the correctness and validity of the information in stories to keep the historical references being told correctly so that they don’t lose their importance and credibility? The participants will discuss the origins of the Autio and Handbook of Texas projects, the role of technology in project evolution, and the process of creating Autio stories and Handbook of Texas entries. The audience will be encouraged to visit the Handbook of Texas website and Autio app on their smartphones during the presentation.

When 2:30PM Thursday, February 29, 2024

Session Chair Steve Cook, TSHA Past President

Presentations by Bill Werlin, Co-Founder, Autio; W.F. Strong, Phd, Professor of Communications, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley; Clay Feeter, Senior Writer, Autio; Brett J. Derbes, PhD, TSHA Managing Editor, Handbook of Texas