Call for Proposals (2025)

Sessions & Papers

Texas State Historical Association will hold its 129th Annual Meeting on February 25 – March 1 in Houston. The program committee is now calling for proposals for sessions and papers to be presented at the meeting.

A complete session proposal includes the following:

  1. Session title
  2. Complete name, address, phone number, a one-page vita, and institutional affiliation (or hometown, in the case of lay historians) of the session chairman, paper presenters (either two or three), and commentator (for sessions with two paper presenters)
  3. Titles of the two or three individual papers
  4. A brief summary of each paper

Each complete session is strictly limited to 75 minutes. To allow time for introductions and questions, each presentation in three-paper sessions should not exceed twenty minutes (about ten typewritten pages) and in two-paper sessions, each should be limited to twenty-five minutes (about twelve pages).

Individuals may submit a proposal for a single paper rather than a complete session. Although single papers are often difficult to combine into coherent sessions, committee members will make every effort to include such proposals in the program. Download the Program Worksheet (pdf).

Papers presented should not have been delivered at a scholarly meeting or published prior to the 2025 Texas State Historical Association meeting. There are, of course, no objections to the papers being given again or published after the meeting.


Individuals who are to present papers at the 2025 meeting will be required to have a copy of their paper and a one-page vita in the hands of their session chairman and session commentator (in two-paper sessions) at least a month prior to the meeting.

As much as possible, participants in a given session should be from different institutions. Historians from outside Texas, but doing work in Texas-related studies, are encouraged to participate.

Individuals who participate in the TSHA’s annual programs may present a paper once every three years or serve as a commentator once every two years. Session chairs may repeat annually, although the committee will make every effort to avoid repetition.

Submit Your Proposal

There are two ways to submit your proposal; you may either mail it to us or submit it via email.

Texas State Historical Association
PO Box 5428
Austin, TX 78763

You may also submit your proposal electronically to [email protected]. Download the program worksheet as an MS Word file or PDF file.

Proposal Deadlines

Proposals for the 2025 meeting in Houston must be received by June 20, 2024.


Please contact us at [email protected].